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Highland Healer by Willa Blair

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while. I had gotten it a while back and it got lost in the mountain of books in my kindle currently. But now I’ve finally gotten to it and I’m quite pleased.

So the story starts off with our healer, Aileana, in the camp of a warlord by the name of Colbridge. As the story opens, she’s brought a prisoner to heal with her mystical gifts. This guest is a laird, presumed to be of the area they just attacked. And here we have our love interest for this story. The laird is Toran, laird of another keep and when rescued, takes Aileana with him. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of conflict Aileana faces. Her gifts make her the target of accusations of witchcraft and of the woman determined to be lady of the keep. I was especially pleased with the use of actual dialect of the area. Though it took me a while to get what some of the words meant, it made the story that much better. Aileana is somewhat naive, apt to follow her heart over her head. She also seems to have the gift of persuasion which aids her quite often, even with Toran. Toran is very masculine and manly. He’s used to taking charge and getting his way. Aileana is pretty stubborn herself, making her the perfect counterpart for Toran. My only thing is that I wish it had taken a bit longer for the two to get together. We knew it was inevitable but it would have been nice for Toran to work a bit more for her. Still, it doesn’t actually hurt the book at all. It is very well written. I have definitely enjoyed this book and will look for more by the author.

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