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Updates: Heir of Mjolnir, Breakthrough Novel Contest, etc

I’ve really fallen behind on my blogging. The past couple of weeks have been hectic. I’ve been getting some things done on my writing. Not as much as I should, I think, but I’ve been working. So let’s get down to it.

Heir of Mjolnir, my fifth book overall and first of the chosen of Hecate series, is coming along. The book cover has already been completed and looks pretty good. I certainly love it anyway. The book itself has taken a few twists that I didn’t expect. To me, this means a bit of rage but not in a bad way. Some people just really want characters like Lucifer and Cronus to get what they have coming to them, and they will in time. Just not right now. After all, who do you think the enemies are in the Three Fates?

Now, I’ve discovered Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest and I decided to enter it. I self publish all of my books, so using one of them wasn’t a problem. The problem was deciding which book to use. I settled on the Dragon Witch, book two of the series. It seems to draw the most attention for it’s title I suppose. So I have it submitted and I hope I can make it all the way to the end. Any of the top five spots would make me happy, personally. Having an actual publishing contract would certainly be interesting.

I do have other projects to work on, such as Journeys. I haven’t done much work on it lately, but I’ll need to get to it eventually. I do want to publish it as well. I also want to take on some editing projects and some new review projects. As long as I feel that I can keep up with things, I’ll take on as many as I’m offered.

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