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Pagan Journeys: My Patrons

So, fellow pagans are probably wondering who my patron god and goddess are. We all have them. Some have names and some simply refer to them as the god and goddess. Personally, my patron god is Zeus and my patron goddess is his wife, Hera. I’m part of a group on Facebook where I notice everyone has patron gods from different pantheons, but none seem to use the Greeks. I have been asked by some who hadn’t discovered their patron what my patrons are like. I feel like it’s a good idea to share.

First, there’s Zeus. I mention him first because he came to me first. He’s the Greek king of the gods, and the god of lightning, storms, and the heavens.  He chose me, of course. His voice spoke very loudly and clearly to me not long after I started on this path. I hear him very often now. His voice is very deep and masculine. He’s very warm and inviting. His voice alone is as irresistible as the myths. I find he is not as strict on monogamy, but he believes strongly in true love. When I ask for guidance, he always replies if I ask him specifically. When I venture into the spirit world, he often walks beside me. He’s a very comforting presence most times. But when he desires my attention, he is somewhat dramatic. Normally I hear a very loud clap of thunder when there shouldn’t be or I’ll see lightning. When I acknowledge him after he speaks very clearly and directly whatever he wishes me to know.

The goddess Hera chose me as well. She is the queen of the Greek gods and goddess of marriage and fidelity. I was surprised by her. I expected Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. Instead, I began seeing peacock feathers everywhere about a year or so ago. And then her voice came. I find Hera to be more demanding than her husband. She doesn’t use bizarre weather to get my attention. She yells, much like any normal mother. For instance, I was in a store once looking for a chalice. I stopped to consider a bowl near some Buddhist statues. When I touched the bowl, Hera clearly stated (and I’m being generous with that wording), “Keep that thing off my altar!” Even now, every time I go near it, she yells. Outside of that, she’s warm and nurturing. Unlike her husband, she is very big on monogamy. When I was single for a while, she was clear in her desire for me to settle down. Generally, she speaks to me anytime I inquire about my love life. Her husband only speaks up if he is very determined to get me away from someone. Hera is a constant guide and very understanding of what I’m looking for. She also comments on friendships and the role others are meant to play in my life.

You may wonder if I like the pairing that chose me. Frankly, I love them. They’re perfect for me. They appeal to both sides of my nature. Zeus is representative of my active side and Hera my desire to be settled and happy. And the two never clash. I think Hera is far more understanding than she is in the myths. It’s the best thing ever to be in the presence of both at once. And they never seem to mind when I call on them. I ask their advice on a lot of things. Occasionally, some of the other gods and goddesses come as well. So far, only Aphrodite and Apollo. I mainly deal with Zeus and Hera though. They are very direct and demanding patrons. I love it. Each time I speak to them I understand why they chose me that much more and I’m quite happy with it.

  1. Melanie
    February 25, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Hi, I have patron Gods/Goddesses as well. Mine are Artemis, Apollo, Demeter, Hestia, and Athena. However I felt that recently Hera “tacked” herself on me. Hera is very kind to me, almost always inviting to join her on Mount Olympus while I’m deep in meditation. Perhaps the bowl had some negative attachment on it and she was trying to protect your altar you made for her. I’m mostly devoted to Artemis and she is very gentle to me as well. I believe the Greek deities want to help us instead of being homicidal and anti social like most of them are portrayed in the myths. Lol. Good luck on your spiritual journey! May Elysium opens its golden doors for you one day! Bless!

    -Melanie L.

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