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Pagan Journey: Spiritual Links, Empathic abilities

So I said I would do this and finally I’m going to start. I”m pagan, or more accurately wiccan. And just like I keep my experiences written in my personal BOS, I figured I could do the same on my blog. Besides, I have new friends that are on the same path as myself and they thought it would be interesting to read about the path from the view of a young male. Most are written by females, which I assume is because there are more women that are vocal about following the pagan or Wiccan path. Now, there are a number of topics that interest me but I decided to start with spiritual links because I feel fairly certain about them and my knowledge of them.

So, spiritual links. I have a few of these. And they’re with a variety of people. Now, before I started studying Wicca, I had no idea how to block these once formed. So I had an ex that nagged at me throughout other relationships because I could always tell when something was wrong with him. This caused a much longer link than necessary with him that has thankfully been broken for several years now.

I have one with a friend of mine, the ex boyfriend of my sister actually. I know how it formed. I was around him a lot and got to know him a lot better than most people, a surprising fact due to my sexuality and his phobia of it. I’m pretty much the only guy that likes guys that he thought of as just one of the boys. And while the two were together, I did a lot of helping to keep them together. He leaned on me then and the feeling never went away. Still hasn’t, even though I know how to shut it off. I guess I still care, even though he’s rather nagging and annoying.

It seems to me that the people I link with are normally fairly needy. This makes sense, being that I’m generally drawn to needier people. Depending on my current feelings with the person, I don’t overly mind these links. They can be inconvenient, especially when I have no way to contact the person in need. But all in all, not a bad quality.

Now, I do have a bit of a problem, which is connected to spiritual links, yet separate. I’m an empath, and some may not understand what that is. I’m very in tune with the emotions of those around me, to the point that I can get overwhelmed. I have yet to find a way to fully shut this particular ability off. Sometimes, it’s not a problem. But then again, those are times when I’m not surrounded by fairly strong emotions. When I am, I seem to channel the emotions of whoever is feeling the strongest. In other words, if there’s a really angry person in the group, I get angry and don’t understand why until I manage to trace the source of the emotion. I’m working on this one and researching but it is quite overwhelming. I get some help from my patron god every now and then, when I think to ask for his help. Certainly would love some suggestions on handling this one though.

Now, I think I’m off to go work on my BOS some more.

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