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Updates: Fatal Healing Release Party, Next Books, etc

So, Fatal Healing was released on December 4th, 2012, and yesterday, December 15th, 2012, I held a release party for it. The whole Den was in attendance, with Drago doing the cooking and Kia beating the hell out of him with a spoon and spatula for not having the food ready on time (totally hilarious, i posted videos). Several of my biggest supporters showed up. I see more sales or the book in the very near future. I ordered one for one of my biggest supporters and former coworkers. I had a much better turnout than I anticipated.

Now, about the series. Fatal Healing was shorter than the other books, but I knew this months ago. As I ended the book, I discovered that what I thought would be next in the series won’t be. As a matter of fact, the Chosen of Hecate series will be blended in directly with the Dragon Hunter series. So book four is really Heir of Mjolnir. Book five will be The Three Fates and book six will be Blood Monarch. Heir of Mjolnir will feature several new characters and will center around Brandon’s mission to remove Lucifer from Adonis’ body. He will be aided by Hecate, who has chosen a mortal born witch to rally the forces of earth to cast Lucifer out. Brandon, now referred to as the new Lord Erebus, will send in aid to help train Hecate’s chosen, Vax, who must gain the legendary hammer of the deceased Norse thunder god, Thor, in order to face the Prince of Darkness.

The Three Fates will focus on the three children destined to take the place of the Moirae, or the original Three Fates. This book will be the fight of their parents’ lives as they seek to protect the unique children from Cronus and the forces of darkness, who seek to use their power to control Fate and ensure the downfall of the Olympians and Dragon Gods. So we’ll see the return of Victoria along with Brandon and Demun as they prepare to face down Cronus and the Titans alone, Victoria being determined to protect her daughter at all costs while Brandon seeks to protect his son Theo and Demun must protect a child he never thought he’d have.

Blood Monarch will finally reveal the mystery of what happened to Vacker, father of the vampire race. Deidre finally gets a lead on where to find him and Jarel brings back Vic, the phoenix, to aid in the mission to rescue Vacker and finally bring him to stand judgment before Jarel.

After that, I think we’ll get the story of Octavius, the Golden Dragon God, who makes the mistake of rising against Jarel in protest of Jarel imprisoning his mother, Nyx. I haven’t titled that but I’m so looking forward to that book. Octavius is an arrogant ass of a character and Jarel hinted at him doing something wrong in the guidebook.

Also, I do intend to work on Journeys some more soon. That’s a difficult story to stick with. I like it, but it doesn’t flow like my other series. Some stories take more time to tell than others.

And I intend to do some blogs telling my story of my spiritual journey. Being a pagan, I know there’s a lot more female perspectives out there and not a lot of male. Plus, I like keeping track of it. So I’m going to give it a try and see how it works out. Now, I’m off to do some school work and maybe some writing later.

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