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Blacklisted by Luke Romyn

So, this is possibly my favorite indie author. Seriously, I love everything I’ve read of his so far. So this is the latest book of his that I’ve read.

The story centers around Mike Swanson, a guy who is, in reality a serial killer. He has a code. He kills those that he feels have escaped justice. He’s decent at it, but has every expectation of being caught. And eventually, he is. However, while he’s sure that he’s about to face the death penalty, he is taken by a strange group that requires his skills, the Blacklisted brotherhood. Supposedly, this is an unofficial project of the CIA to catch a man responsible for just about every major terrorist attack in the world, including september 11th. Led by a man named Carlson, this group intends to pose as mercenaries to catch this supposed former CIA operative gone rogue. But first, Mike must be tested. He has to learn how to operate a large variety of weapons and survive dangerous environments.

Mike himself is a bit complicated. He’s accustomed to losing everyone he loves. First his father dies and his mother turns against him until finally kicking him out of her home. Next is Angus, the man that takes him in and teaches him a way to channel all the pent up anger he has through boxing. Then there’s Chewie, a friend who teaches him how to be a bouncer in a club and also helps him try to work through his anger. With Chewie’s death, Mike turns into a vengeful killer.

Working with the blacklisted Brotherhood, he finds new friends and a new love. However, there are a lot of twists and turns, and lies get exposed repeatedly. No one is who Mike thinks they are and he seems to get betrayed a lot. He’s fairly gullible actually, but it’s not such a bad flaw for a character in the  end. It keeps the story interesting right up until the end.

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