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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. Figured I should get on that now.

So, major update, Fatal Healing, my third book in the Dragon Hunter series, is now finished. And the cover has been completed. It just has to go through rigorous editing and it will be released on December 3, 2012. I’m very excited for this personally. I love the reactions the first two books got and so many tell me that they are looking forward to the next one. My best friend was quite adamant that Odele deserved a better ending. She did not like that Odele ended the Lost Dragon alone. But patience is a virtue, folks. I had  a plan for her all along.

The series is moving right along, as I’ve already begun writing on Blood Monarch, the fourth book in the series and what promises to be an interesting book as we will finally find out what happened to Vacker and what Jarel will do with him. I’ve also started on the Chosen of Hecate series, but that one will take a bit longer because it’s both a tie in to the Dragon Hunters and a stand alone series. It’s also a young adult geared series, so I have to lay off the sexual scenarios. Frankly, it’s a huge challenge for me but I know I can do it.

As I’m preparing to release the third book and writing on the fourth book, I’m ramping up promotion on the first two books as well as the guidebook. I’ve decided another contest is coming, and I’ve already enrolled the second book in the read to review program in my group on goodreads, which is how I got some reviews posted for the Lost Dragon. Of course, I only want the same type of reviews I give, honest reviews. That’s what I’ll get. But authors everywhere say that the reviews and sales somehow boost your ranking. We’re not sure how Amazon figures that out exactly, but those are the common factors. I noticed my ranking went up rather high at some points and then drifted off. I would like the ranking to shoot all the way to the top personally. So that means a lot of marketing and hopefully more blog tour stops in the near future. I’m getting to work on that. As for the contest idea, I’m thinking the winner will be someone that has reviewed all three books that are currently out. Yep, I like that idea so I’m going with it.

In other news, I’m back in school, which seems to be going well. All depends on how financial aid pans out. Classes themselves aren’t as horribly boring as I feared they would be. However, it’s only the first week of my actual credit bearing classes (had to go through orientation first). I’m also starting a new job Monday and I may have a second job lined up. I semi-wonder how I will find time for writing with two jobs plus school but I know I’ll do it. There’ll be no preferential treatment in pursuing my dreams. Now, I’m off to work on this editing.

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