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Season of the Harvest by Michael R Hicks

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything. Been a crazy few weeks but I’m back at it again

The concept of possible takeover or destruction by an alien race is always interesting,so I had to read this. The action kicks off right away in this book, which definitely keeps me interested. We start off with Sheldon Crane’s murder, which while morbid, does hold the interest. He’s clearly an intruder somewhere and he knows he’s going to die. What’s more, he’s clearly hiding some corn for someone else to find but we’re unclear why.

Next the story comes to Jack Dawson, Sheldon’s best friend, as he’s finding out that his friend has been murdered. Jack is a federal agent with a dark past of his own after his stint in Afghanistan and the loss of his wife. No one seems to know the reason for Sheldon’s murder, or what killed him exactly as he was apparently torn apart. Jack isn’t supposed to be on the case but he works it from the shadows anyway, wanting to see for himself who killed his friend. The investigation seems to lead to a group believing in alien invasion and a woman named Naomi Perrault. Everything really goes to hell when the lab with Sheldon’s body and all the evidence is blown up. Investigators come for jack, but they aren’t investigators at all. Jack is attacked, and saved by Naomi. Jack finds himself thrust into a world from science fiction as he finds that strange creatures, possibly alien in origin, have infiltrated high levels of government all over the world in an attempt to wipe out the human race.

Alot of things come to light, and several attacks are made by these creatures, Harvesters, in an effort to alienate Naomi and Jack from humanity and complete their plan. All in all, a good read. At some points it gets a bit too technical for me, especially when explaining computer programs and the more intricate scientific problems. Plus, some things are never explained, such as why the harvesters hate cats. But all in all, still enjoyable

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