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Reviews: Why authors need them, why you should write them, and how to go about it?

So a lot of people read books. But not everyone understands the purpose for review or understands how to write them. In this modern age of self publishing, especially with the advent of Ebooks, reviews have become much more important than before. Indie authors need all the reviews they can get? Why? It’s fairly simple.

You see, the way distributors work is that they have large databases full of books. The best selling authors are normally the first you notice. Why? They have large fanbases and their fans regularly post praise after reading the book. And, because not everyone loves every author, even the best sellers get less than stellar reviews. Then there are indie authors.

Normally, indie authors make their books cheaper than mainstream. We simply cannot compete with mainstream authors. We don’t have the massive marketing engines behind us that comes with having a mainstream publisher. So what gets an indie book noticed are reviews. In the beginning, most indie authors don’t make many sales. It’s takes a lot of marketing all over the place. But just making a sale won’t necessarily help. We indie authors need those honest reviews in order to get others to buy the books.

Now you may be saying to yourself that you don’t read the reviews before you buy a book. This may be true for you, but a lot of people do, especially when buying from an author they’ve never heard of. So the more honest reviews a book has, the more help other buyers have in making their decision.

Ok, so you’ve never written a book review before and you want to know how to start. It’s not as hard as you’re probably making it. A book review is simply your personal thoughts on the book . It can be as long or as short as you feel necessary. However, one liners like “I loved this book!” are typically not helpful. Some people give brief summaries of the book, characters, and plot. some give general information and simply expand on why they liked the book. Maybe they loved the author’s style, their language, or character development. Whatever you liked, say it. If you didn’t like it, say that too. Don’t be afraid that you’ll discourage others from buying a book. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable. Generally, most authors don’t mind the criticism because it tells them where to improve next time. There are those that only want favorable reviews. Those should probably have picked a different path. You’re the reviewer. be honest. You can be nice or you can be brutal. That’s all up to you, but either way the review helps. So do the authors of the books you read a favor and give them a review, good or bad.

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