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Featured Author, Irene Helenowski, Author of Order of the Dimensions

For my first interview for this blog, we have the author Irene Helenowski. Her book, Order of the Dimensions is based on the multiverse theory in physics. For me this was a very entertaining read, which I highly recommend.


1. For those not familiar with you yet, tell us a little about yourself i.e. how long you’ve been writing, what types of writing you like, your favorite genre to read and favorite authors, etc  I work as a statistical analyst at a major medical center in Chicago and recently received my doctorate in biostatistics.  I like all genres of  books and have a wide range of favorite authors including Jack London, Isaac Asimov, and Michael Crichton.  This summer, I read The Snow Child by Eowen Ivey and hope to check out JK Rowlings’s  Casual Vacancy soon.
2. Multiverse theory, how did you come across this? Do you study physics personally or  is this just something you learned in a class that you thought would make a good read?  Actually, I haven’t taken a physics course since college, but I became fascinated by the theory of living different lives in different dimensions by watching several specials on it on the Science Channel featuring Drs. Brian Greene and Michio Kaku.
3. Which character, if any, is closest to you? Who’s your favorite? Who did you hate writing?
The main character, Jane, is based on my niece, Julia, who is planning to go to pursue graduate studies in physics.  My favorite character was her daughter, Amy, as she could be really spunky.  I didn’t really hate writing any of the characters — even Anton was fun to write.  I would say that writing some of the tragic scenes was tough though.
4. Do you have a favorite scene in the book?
One of the rogue spies flirts with one of Anton’s guards in order to gain access to the masterboard; that was fun to write as it provided some comic relief.
5. What is with Anton’s infatuation with Jane? Is it just a lust at first sight type thing or what? Cuz he’s kinda creepy and takes the title of stalker to a whole new level
I would say that it was the thrill of the chase for him, as cliche as that sounds, and ‘winning’ her over would give him an ever greater sense of power.
6. Was Anton really just that smart to prepare for all the eventualities, or was he just lucky and managed to escape each time the universes were restored?
I believe that he learned from his mistakes in certain dimensions and tried not to repeat them in the dimension he was currently in.
7. Are you working on anything new?
Yes, I started writing a sequel but would like to get some feedback on this book first 🙂
8. If you could co-write a book with any living author, who would it be?
Perhaps Michael Crichton — although he passed away in 2008, I think he was very good at incorporating a lot of technical facts into his story without having them take over the story.  I would really want to work on doing something in a similar fashion.
As for living, I would say JK Rowling, as I admire her persistence and intuition when it comes to marketability.
9. Is Order of the Dimensions a stand alone book, or will there perhaps be a sequel?
As I said, I started on a sequel, but don’t know where it will go just yet.
Here are ways to order the book, and the Facebook Fan page for the author as well:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OrderOfTheDimensions
Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/irene-helenowski/order-of-the-dimensions/paperback/product-20389319.html
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