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Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski

In case you can’t tell, I love discovering new authors. Reading is big for me, almost as big as writing. So I have come across this book which interested me from the beginning.

I love the idea of multiple dimensions, and this book explores the idea of the multi-verse theory. Shortly put, this is the idea that people live multiple lives across several universes. While your name and appearance is the same, other things about you and your life change depending on the universe. I’ve heard of this theory before, though I never researched it overly much. This book makes me want to know more about it, frankly.

So we open this story with Jane, our central character. Within the first several chapters we meet a few versions of Jane, all of whom are scientists and work in physics, but each made a different choice in schools, and events of their lives are slightly different. Jane helped with the development of the multi Verser, a machine that allows her to travel through the dimensions to parallel universe. Jane has secretly gone to some of the other universes as she and her partners ready themselves for a huge presentation of their findings. Their backer is Dr Anton Zelov, and apparently there’s far more to him than meets the eye. He has a strange infatuation with Jane from the moment he meets her, despite her having a boyfriend named Randy. In every dimension, Jane at some point is married to Randy, as we soon find out. Anton is an ex Russian spy with plans of dimensional conquest, as he establishes the Order and steals the technology of the muli verser in order to establish rule over all dimensions and sort people to where he feels they belong. It is his infatuation with Jane that ultimately ends up as his undoing. Time after time, Anton gains control of the the motherboard controlling the multiverser and bends things to his will. Each time, there are those that retain their memory, such as Jane and on a couple occasions Randy, that fight against him. Anton is clearly quite crafty and determined to rule at all costs. He’s a very thoughtful mastermind that always keeps a backup plan and somehow manages to retain who he is no matter the dimension he goes to. Jane is a very engaging motherly character, as is most dimensions she has children with Randy and no matter the dimension she is fiercely protective of those children and clearly in love with Randy.

I loved the portrayal of all these different dimensions. I like how no matter the slight changes in life choices, Jane remains mostly the same. Most interestingly, for most of the book, Jane never meets herself in the alternate dimensions. Very interesting read for me and very good first book for the author.

Keep a look out for more, as I’m interviewing the author very shortly for the blog.

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