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First and Hopefully Only Time on this Subject

Personally, I’m not big on politics. At all. I voted at the last presidential election, and yes, I voted for Obama. I generally will not get into a political debate. I hate blithering stupidity and politics is full of it. When the year started, I pretty much figured I’d vote for Obama again. Then Mitt Romney came out, and that sinched it. Pretty much every time he talks, he alienates me.

So you may be asking, if I don’t do politics, why am I posting this? Simple, I get loads of people bugging the crap out of me. They want to know my opinion on issues, and I’m going to give it this one and only time, and I do not intend to discuss it again. So, allow me to take this in order.

Gay Marriage: Yeah, I clearly support it. Whether I choose to get married or not (at this point I’m leaning towards there being no way in hell I’ll ever add that to the list of crap I have to deal with in life), I believe all should have the choice as to whether or not we marry and who we marry. Marriage is an issue of religion, and not every religion says its wrong. For instance, anyone that can be called a pagan doesn’t give a damn who marries who, as long as it’s between two consenting adults. It’s that simple to me. This is one strike against Romney for me. Jerk says he’ll restore the true institution of marriage or some such crap. Yeah bite me jackass. You’re a damn Morman but you want to tell me about the sanctity of marriage. Aren’t you people allowed to have like 30 wives?

Next, taxes: Yeah, I pay a lot of this. Way too much really. Kind of been kicking my ass for years really, and doesn’t seem to be getting better. Should it not go without saying that those that make more should pay more? Why the hell am I paying a higher percentage that the jerk that makes like 10 times more than me?

Healthcare: Ah, I am one of the many that goes without health insurance and simply goes to the ER when I’m damn near death and has way too many hospital bills that will never be paid. I’m not on medicaid or care (whichever the hell is for younger people) because they tell me I make too much. (seriously, who comes up with that and are you high? try making what I make and then tell me I make too much). But, yeah, I’m a fan of people being able to get some form of insurance, not being disqualified for stupid crap like the fact you were born with a disease that can’t be cured and all that crap.

Women’s Rights: Really? I have to say this. Ok, here’s the obvious. I’m a guy. Who the hell am I to tell any woman what she should and should not do to her body? Next part of this is about salaries. Should a woman doing the same job as a man make the same much? OMG do you people hear yourselves when you ask this crap? If she does the same job and does it just as well, she should make the same. If she does it better, she should make more. In what twisted religion does it say women are less than men and which jackass in government is using this flawed logic? Honestly, the issues we have as a nation are baffling. Makes me wonder just how stupid humanity will get.

First presidential debate: Can’t believe people are bugging me about this? If you didn’t know what the hell was going to happen you’re probably one of those blind Romney supporters. What, you thought this man was going to stand and tell you he’s going to give tax cuts to the rich, take away rights of women, gays, and any minority, totally screw over separation of church and state, and probably get us all blown off the face of the planet because the moron knows absolutely nothing at all about diplomacy and what not to say to foreign countries? He lied, repeatedly. No surprise to me. Yet some people say he won. Uh, no. He just talked way too much and told lie after lie, to the point Obama didn’t really have say much to make him look like an ass. He did it to himself.

I look at it like this. People nag and bitch at Obama about things he hasn’t gotten done, not paying attention to the fact he has had to fight Congress every step of the way as they have tried to block everything he’s done. You cannot expect anyone to come into office with Congress totally against him and he actually change everything right away.

In short, if you must have my political stance, why the hell would I vote for the guy that tells me I can’t marry who I want, I’m poor and it’s completely my fault, I shouldn’t get an education if I need help from the government, and has proven to me time and time again that he’s an idiot? Yeah, unlike the people who actually voted for Bush, I’m not screwing myself over. I’m on the side of people that enjoys watching Romney kick his own ass in this election.

Now that this has been said, I’m going to add this. I do not normally talk politics. This is probably the last time I’ll talk politics. I hope to never have to do this again. I despise these conversations and the crap they usually start. I prefer to post positive things on my blog and my fan pages. I prefer to stick to things about my books and the books I read, and random yet interesting topics. I like healthy debate. I don’t like what I see happen when politics come up. I have watched political discussions on facebook and twitter recently dissolve into nothing more than name calling and insult contests. I don’t want to deal with that. Fortunately, I can moderate any comments I get to this. Intelligent comments, whether agreeing or disagreeing with me, I will allow to be posted. Name calling, derogatory comments and anything telling me I’ll burn in hell will result in deletion of comments and banning. Sorry, I like healthy debate. It’s not healthy if you try preaching at others and call them stupid. And now I’m done with posting anything political and will go back to my regularly scheduled reading and writing related blogs

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