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Yep, I like to do this frequently. So I’ve been doing a lot of work on the first Chosen of Hecate novel. The lead character, Vax, is pretty much having his world turned upside down and inside out. He’s in the Rose Realm with the god of darkness and shadows on the hunt for the legendary hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, and everything he never dreamed of coming face to face with, he’s running into. He’s on the learning path to being a true witch and servant of Hecate. I get the feeling he’ll get a nice witchy tutor other than Erebus (Brandon).

I just did some work to my website. I added a donate button since everyone has these. I also redid the book listing page. I arranged the three books in rows and put their links onto buttons. Makes it look better, since the books have their descriptions listed now as well. I like the new lookout.

Then there’s this other series I want to start. Few things holding me up. First, the name of the kingdoms for this story have yet to come to me. Nor have I come up with the names for the main characters. I do have a very basic idea though. Different world, clearly similar to earth but with a different name. Maybe seven major countries, two of the largest are at war with each other. Yep, very general idea here. Not sure what anything is called yet. As soon as that hits me, I’ll start writing it. Probably gonna be a series as well. Or just one really long epic novel that will probably take me til next year to finish at the very least. I just got excited about it as I wrote that honestly.

Then there’s Journeys. If you follow me on writer’s cafe, you know this is a very slow story for me. It’s not paranormal or fantasy, so it’s hard to write. Plus, it will only appeal to the gay/lesbian audience, so it’ll be harder to market. Sure, there’s a gay scene in the Lost Dragon and clearly gay characters throughout the series, but they don’t have the sort of messy gay drama depicted in Journeys, plus the Dragon Hunters are mostly straight with a few here and there that aren’t. They blend in with the general romance genres. Journeys is clearly the gay/lesbian genre and gods help me but the chapters hit me about once every three months. Expect that to come out sometime next year, after it’s finished and I can edit it.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t stick to just one genre. I have a poetry book in the works as well. While I clearly have a favorite genre (paranormal/fantasy/romance) I want to do a little of everything. I have not tried anything non-fiction yet. I don’t have the urge to write my own life story and I have nothing else other than paganism to write about, and frankly I’d rather be further in my path before I start.

So that’s the quick update. Time to get back to work

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