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Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

So I’m a Lords of the Underworld fan. A big one. Cannot put those books down. As such, when this book came out unexpectedly (to me anyway), I was intrigued. Hard not to be intrigued with the angels who have more power than the gods because they serve the one true Deity.

Zacharel is interesting because of the eternal icicles around him, and the fact that he is inexplicably attractive to everyone while feeling none of the baser human emotions himself. Annabelle is interesting because she’s in a mental ward and clearly is not crazy. She was accused of murdering her parents and committed because no one would believe that demons actually committed the murder. She’s alone, shunned even by her brother but apparently marked by the demon that killed her parents. In the institution she suffers from abuse at the hands of a doctor because no one will believe her. But demons are attracted to her and constantly come after her, yet she is the only one that can see them and as such will remain in the asylum. That is, until Zacharel and his army of warriors perilously close to falling from grace happen upon her. Instantly, he is attracted to her. She can see him even though he has not opened himself to her, and her eyes mark her as belonging to a demon, but she has no memory of binding herself to one.

Anyway he saves her from the demons while trying his damnedest not to be attracted to her in any way. He fails at this, fighting to protect her and coming perilously close to dying in order to save her. Demonic forces are gathering, gunning for the angel, and as he gets closer to Annabelle he comes closer to being promoted to a higher rank of angel. But as he seems to get closer, mistakes are made by his men, and their mistakes are his mistakes as well. His army is well known for not caring about sacrificing a life here or there to accomplish their goals. And the attacks become more complicated. At first, demons seem to be coming after annabelle simply because she is marked by a demon lord. But clearly there is more behind the attacks, and Zacharel’s own past constantly haunts him, as he had a twin brother who was captured and tortured by demons. When Zacharel found his brother, he was damaged beyond repair and frequently attempted to kill himself and asked Zacharel to do it for him. Finally, Zacharel had given in and done so in what he thought was the only way to truly kill an angel. In reality, he created a demon high lord. In the end, he has to face his own mistake and is forced to make a choice.

All in all, a great beginning to a new series that definitely makes me want to read more.

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