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Lover Reborn by JR Ward

I was excited for this book solely because it was written by JR Ward. I love the Brothers, every last one of them, though some of them give me problems. Qhuinn pisses me off personally, and oh my gods does it get worse with this book. But lets start this off right.

Tohr was a raging jackass in this book. Compared to the Tohr we first met, I didn’t quite understand. Sure, he lost Welsie, but did he have to become the worst type of person. In the beginning, he lived for revenge and hunting Lessers. I get that. I condone that. It’s a natural reaction for a warrior to have. But when he meets No One and realizes who she is, he becomes a jerk. It becomes so much worse when the angel tells him Wellsie hasn’t crossed over. Instead she and the unborn child she died with are wasting away in purgatory essentially and all because Tohr isn’t moving on with his life. So the angel tries to point him in the right direction to No One, who by the way is Xhex’s mother and has some serious confidence issues. So what does Tohr do? He uses her like a common whore essentially at a time when she can least afford it. And all to discover that just banging a chick doesn’t constitute moving on. Who would have thought, right?

Then there is John and Xhex. OMG is this relationship fucked. Xhex is a warrior. She always has been. But John is a chauvinistic ass just like the rest of the men and has a problem with her fighting, despite knowing all along that she is a warrior and would never sit on the sidelines. His failure to support her results in her leaving, but they are bonded so naturally they have to see each other, they have to screw, and they’re miserable whenever they’re apart.

Blay is who I feel for the most. He’s my personal favorite. He is so loyal and supportive and deserving of love. And while he has someone now, they both know it’s only temporary because Blay’s heart and soul belong to Qhuinn. Speaking of this jerkbag…..

Qhuinn is filled with a whole lot of self loathing. He’s taken to hanging with one of the chosen, who he was trying to avoid banging for fear of making a kid with her. Oh, but it can’t be that simply, because now the idiot decides to do it anyway just so that he can have a child, despite the fact that Layla is bonded to one of the enemy(he doesn’t know that yet but still)and he has been bonded to Blay for several books. Oh no, now it’s a smart idea for him to knock up a chick he doesn’t love just because she hit her needing. All the while knowing that he wants Blay. Oh, and he’s decided he has to have Blay now. Dick move for several reasons. Blay knows Qhuinn banged Layla, so when they get together that’ll be one hell of an issue.

Oh, and back to Tohr. Thankfully No One stands up to him eventually and decides she deserves better than to be his sex toy. Oh thank god she grows a small bit of spine. Operative words small bit of spine. Finally, Tohr realizes he actually loves her and manages to move past guilt over Welsie, and thankfully she’s able to move peacefully into the Fade and he’s with his woman. Yay, great. wtf ever dude.

Honestly, I’m waiting on the next book. Thankfully, Blay and Qhuinn finally get their book and omg I hope Blay gives Quinn absolute hell before they finally get together. Pure, unadulterated hell damn you.

Anyway, all in all, not a bad book, but maddening in the directions the characters went.

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