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Been a while since I’ve been able to blog and it wasn’t a book review. By the way, I love reviewing books. As an author, I understand the value of turning on your computer, logging onto Amazon and seeing a review there that you didn’t know was coming. It’s a great feeling. It’s also nice to see new ratings, but I personally prefer to see both a review and a rating. Just makes me feel better.

Anyway, I have a lot of new information to share. First off, Fatal Healing, Odele’s story, is finished. It has been handwritten and is being typed up slowly but surely. Also have to wait for the cover to be done. My illustrator apparently has to update his software or something first. Picky little jerk, but no need to rush. I have three books out this year already. Would like to make it four or five by the end of the year, but we’ll just see how that goes.

I have done some writing on the new series, Chosen of Hecate. It’s more of a young adult series, though still tied into the main series. I like how it’s coming alone. The main character, Vax, is very different from the characters you’ve seen so far in the Dragon Hunters series. He’s a mortal born witch, so he doesn’t have the raw power Brandon and Demun had, nor that overconfident attitude that borders on cocky. He’s quite interesting to write. His story should be very interesting. The hard part of this is referring to Brandon by his second name, Erebus, in this series instead of his original name. But it’s fun.

Perhaps soon I shall do more character interviews, or perhaps let others interview the characters. I’ve been looking into guest blog tours. Not really seeing a lot so far. I’ll keep looking though. I can’t wait to do my first interview that’s with someone I don’t know personally. I have a lot of author’s and bloggers on my facebook fan page so perhaps it’ll come into fruition soon.

Just got done writing some letters to some fellow pagans (yeah, i’m pagan and if you didn’t know you’re a bit behind the times but it’s cool). We have a pen pal program we’re doing. Unfortunately, I can’t actually mail letters off, but I guess email works. Would have been nice to check my mailbox and get something other than a bill. But so much for that thought. Point is, I’m enjoying writing the letters and getting to know people of a similar faith. I’ve also decided I would like to feature artwork of others on my website, no matter the artwork. Anything from drawings to crafts to books I totally want to share on my website. I want to bring in more aspects of myself other than my writing. It just seems like the right thing to do. I know I personally enjoy seeing more sides to my favorite authors than just their writing. Like Anne Rice. I love the way she runs her fan page. She talks about everything and anything that comes to mind. She encourages healthy discussion on her page. It’s so fun to interact with her on her page. I want to do something similar. I do, however, avoid politics. Politics bring out the ugly in people. Personally I’d rather avoid that type of thing. Point is, it’s interesting to see things you never knew about an author and can’t learn just from reading their work.

Alright, time to get to work on this writing. It’s a nonstop job that I just enjoy way too much in some people’s opinions but those people can bite me. Writing rocks.

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