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Homecoming by Scott Langrel

I got this book in exchange for an honest review. Frankly, I’m quite pleased with it.

This story centers around Finn, a handler of all the paranormal things that we swear don’t exist, and Amanda. There’s a bit of romance between the two, but the story focuses mainly on Finn and his hometown, and the paranormal’s obvious hatred of him. As we open the story, he’s confronting a demon who promises to be there on the day of his demise and shows him the girl the demon claims will be his undoing. So Finn figures it’s time for a return home.

In comes an explanation of the Fay, or fairies, who are nothing like the little winged creatures that giggle and fly around all happy and sparkly. They’re far from nice, pretty twisted, and horribly ugly. And they hate Finn with a fiery passion. Interesting.

The return to Finn’s home town brings an introduction to the town sheriff, Lyle. Lyle has been sheriff for about twenty years, and is the only person in the town that knows about the Fey. Apparently they have recently starting abducting more people than normal. A larger scale plot is unveiled as a strange, beautiful and completely nude woman is spotted in connected with the Fey. There’s a plot to finally destroy the town, which the girl is clearly at the head of. So Finn has to help combat the invading force of small blood thirsty creatures with an excessively small force.

All in all, this was a very interesting book and I’d love to read more in the series as it’s released

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