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Time Untime by Sherilyn Kenyon

I’m a huge fan of sherilyn Kenyon, and every book just leaves me hungry for the next. This book is no exception.

We were introduced to Ren in the last book, but the introduction was rather brief. But we got enough to know he is a tortured soul. This book shows us just how tortured he is, and how long he’s been tortured. This guy is about the same age as Acheron, and has connections to three power sources, The tribe he was born with, the greeks from whom his mother comes, and the evil entity he was once tricked into serving.

Kateri, on the other hand, is a scientist, and doesn’t believe in the paranormal at all. Though raised by her grandmother, a very spiritual Native american woman, she believes her grandmother simply told her tales. That is until the tales come barging into her life trying to kill her and she’s forced to confront a destiny she never believed was real, nor did she really know all the details of.

Now the two comes together to stop the Grizzly spirit from entering the mortal realm and to reset the calender before tall the world’s evils from every pantheon are unleashed. Now this brings to light something never made entirely clear before. Acheron’s mother, Apollymi (who is always one of my favorite characters)destroyed her pantheon when Apollo killed Acheron, and she went on a rampage. I’d always thought she went right after the Greeks when she was done, but actually, she went after every neighboring pantheon that failed to aid her son. She did damage everywhere. Even more interesting, however, is that the pantheon she ruled and therefore destroyed, can be resurrected and Acheron would be in for an interesting fight since the pantheon hates him and his mother. Actually, I kinda want to see that happen. Would have been epic.

Anyway, Acheron himself comes in to give aid where he can. After all, what’s a dark hunter book without the fearless leader. And as always he shows us exactly how powerful he really is and why all the gods should crap themselves at the mention of his name. Ren shows off some interesting abilities too, and we get let in on the fact that he’s loosely connected to Artemis, as he’s apparently her godson. And he was partially raised by a demon, at least for the first year of his life. Interesting note, Ren had a stutter that occasionally resurfaces, which is why he doesn’t speak too often.

Anyway, Kateri is responsible for restarting the calender again, and she’s revealed as the Great Guardian’s daughter. Not entirely sure what happened to her father. There’s some mystery for ya. But she has his powers as well as that of her grandmother, which makes her unique and interesting. She’s fiercely devoted and caring, and the perfect match for Ren.

Of course we get glimpses to other Dark Hunters and Nick is back too, perilously close to turning to the dark side because without his mother to anchor him he simply does not care about humanity. Which brings out the reason why Acheron was not able to bring his mother back and leaves me wondering just who or what can truly anchor Nick and keep him from destroying the world, and also making Apollymi very, very happy.

The ending glimpse into the distant future gives a lot of hope for some resolutions. I can’t wait for the next part of the series, whenever it comes

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