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Beyond Hades (The Prometheus Wars #1) by Luke Romyn

This is the second book i’ve read by this author, and I loved it. First, I’m a sucker for greek mythology. I study it and I write it into my own fiction. So naturally this book would peak my interest. Sometimes the myths can be so misconstrued in fiction that it puts me off. Not this book.

The opening starts with excitement as the US military becomes infinitely stupid and opens a rift into a world they shouldn’t have, Tartarus, the hell of Greek myths. Doing so unleashes creatures of myth, and reaks havoc. Enter Talbot Harrison, twin brother of the man who was forced to open the rift. The government calls him in because he, like his brother, can read the strange language on the machinery controlling the rift. Talbot is not a conventional hero. Matter of fact, he’s a whiny little coward. But, lets face it, he’s an archaeologist and no one would expect him to be especially heroic against rampaging beasts that shouldn’t exist. So it works.

Talbot is guarded by a couple of different people, the first of whom dies to save him from a bomb blast. The second is Wes, and personally, I love Wes. The guy is certifiably nuts and that’s just what’s needed. So the two guys have to make their way into Tartarus. The only problem is, the original rift is in Atlantis, and Atlantis gets buried by one of the creatures escaping from Tartarus. So Talbot finds another rift and the two enter it, instead finding themselves in Olympia, or Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. Enter Zeus, king of Olympia, the man of many myths, and his son Heracles, the fiercest of his warriors and children. Zeus reveals the truth of the nature of Greek myths, and sends Heracles to accompany Talbot and Wes into Hades, which would then lead into Tartarus. Once in Tartarus, things take a twist as they meet the Titans, who seem to be very peaceful beings, not the powerful forces of destruction from myths.

Thankfully, Talbot senses something is wrong with the scenario, though not in time to truly stop the Titans from invading Olympia. The two do, however, stand and fight with Zeus and help push the Titans back, with a bit of help. The two return to their world to attempt to truly close the rift and travel back in time to attempt to do so. Due to some loophole logic, however, they have to let the events unfold as they did before in order to not annihilate the universe they were trying to save. And to think, this is only the beginning.

This was an excellent read and frankly I can’t wait to read more from the author.

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