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Writing Updates

I work nonstop on my writing. Most people have figured this out by now. And so I have updates.

First, Odele’s book has finally been given a title. Fatal Healing. My sister came up with this in literally five seconds. I’m a bit peeved since I couldn’t come up with anything for months. But at least it has a working title and is just about done. I’m about to enter the extensive process of editing it the way I want it to be presented.

Next, there is the new series, the Chosen of Hecate, that will tie into the Dragon Hunter’s series. I have mostly been letting the series build in my mind. I am planning to put pen to paper for this in the very near future, possibly tonight depending on time limits.

Journeys is the experimental gay novel I’m working on and frankly am going to take forever to write. It’s not my genre and it’s just hard as hell to write. I’m pouring a lot of myself into that novel, so that means facing my faults. I don’t know anyone that that’s easy for.

I want to try my hand at an actual young adult series. It will be totally separate from The Dragon Hunters, though it most definitely will have a fantasy theme to it. That’s my genre. It’s what I know i excel at. To be honest that may come into the works before The first Chosen of Hecate novel. Or at least at the same time. It’s just one of those things where I have it coming to my mind already and before long I’ll have no choice but to start writing it just to get the ideas out. I’m gonna need a bigger notebook for this to be honest. I think I’ll go invest in a five subject notebook or two so that I can keep track. I’ve got a lot of work to do while still promoting the books I’ve already put out. Time to get to it

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