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Buying Followers and Reviewers?

I have come across this issue a lot lately and I don’t understand it. So as a new artist or author, or just a random person on twitter, you can pay a fee for someone to give you a favorable (not necessarily honest) review or pay to get a bunch of random people follow you on twitter. This plagues me with some questions.

For twitter followers, what kind of followers are you really getting? Are they real people or just a bunch of random accounts created solely for the purpose of following these people that pay for followers. And frankly, if you’re an average person, what the hell is the point? Do you just have the money to waste. If so, I’ve got some beach front property in Utah to sell you. And if you’re a musician or an author, is this boosting your sales at all?

Then there are paid reviewers. Now, I understand there are different types of paid reviewers. There are paid reviewers paid to give their honest opinion on a book or music. My understanding is that these types of reviewers are primarily paid by large newspapers and the like to give these reviews, and they aren’t paid very much. There are some reviewers authors themselves can pay to give an honest review. And then there’s this last kind of reviewer. This kind is paid by an author or publisher solely to give a set amount of favorable reviews to an author’s work. You may ask what’s the problem with this. The problem is the author is specifically paying them to only say good things. These are not honest opinions. Sure, this may get the author noticed more on amazon. However,  this can backfire, both for the author and the readers. Readers may elect to get this book with nothing but 5 star reviews and find it filled with typos or incomplete sentences, or just a horrible story. This cheats the author out of finding ways to improve, or allows them to think they should continue in what perhaps is not a good genre or career choice for them. This also makes it harder on other authors looking for honest reviews to reach their audience because this one crap book is ranked higher on Amazon and shows in a search first.

Now, recently, I have gifted a few free copies of my first book out. I did this in exchange for an honest review. At no point did I request they post a pleasant review because they got a free copy. That’s not what I’m looking for. I like honesty. No author is perfect, and frankly I want to know if a person truly enjoys my work. As it happens, I have received good reviews for my work so far. However, I still have three more reviews to wait on, and I understand that these people may or may not like it. That is their choice. I want the honesty. I have requested the same from friends and family that read it. I don’t want generic compliments. I want to know what people actually think. I do not feel the need to pay for reviews for several reasons. First and foremost, I’m an average guy and I’m broke. I don’t have money to splurge on a reviewer doing what others do for free. Secondly, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to give me a good review because I paid them.

I should also mention, this service for good reviews, their prices are exhorbitant. Like $999 for fifty reviews to be posted. Who in the hell has a grand to waste on some random guy sitting in his home office to come up with generically good crap to say about their book? Frankly, those that have it should share the friggin’ wealth with the rest of us.

Essentially, I do not see the point in paying for reviewers or for twitter followers, youtube followers, facebook subscribers, none of that. I see no benefit in the end to any of it.

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