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Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1) by Kelly Carrero

Normally, I don’t pick up and read Young Adult books (excluding harry potter, since i started reading it at the very beginning and just couldn’t help but finish it even though i grew up). However, I agreed to review this book because it sounded interesting in the description. And anything with Evolution in the title is just bound to spark my interest.

This book was a change for me in another way. I’m not used to first person narratives. I honestly can’t remember the last time I read one and frankly I usually avoid them. However, this form of narrative didn’t take away from the story and was enjoyable.

The main character is Jade, and i have to say, I like this chick. She’s not overly perfect despite her apparent good looks and brains. She’s quick tempered and impatient. I like that flaw to her. It makes her more interesting to read into. Aidan, her boyfriend, is clearly the more level headed of the two. Gives them a very interesting relationship.

The opening of the story caught my interest since jade is in the hospital after a car accident and finds herself miraculously healing. And like any normal teenage girl, she freaks out. I love how she doesn’t just accept this as normal. She has her WTF moment, and then realizes this isn’t something she should share with the world. She even questions her own sanity. When Aidan finally comes around to telling her the truth about herself, he botches it and freaks her out again. Fortunately, his family is better equipped to handle the situation and does so a little bit better. Although, I immensely enjoyed the freakout Jade has when she realizes the woman she thought was Aidan’s sister is really his mother, and she can read Jade’s thoughts, so she could have heard any naughty thought jade had about Aidan. Priceless.

I would like to say, by the way, I wish I’d had parents like Jade’s mom or Aidan’s. They’re oddly accepting of their children being alone and doing things of an adult nature. No sneaking around for these lovebirds.

The story gets complex when Jade starts having visions of her best friend being kidnapped and tortured and shortly after it comes into reality. And while I won’t give away the ending, it left me sitting there staring at my kindle screen and wondering what could be next in this series. As such, I simply must read more of it

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