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Lunara: Seth and Chloe by Wyatt Davenport

Here’s another author that I follow on twitter and that follows me. I read the book because the title immediately snagged my attention. I figured Lunara meant it had something to do with space. The description mentions Seth and Chloe’s irregular abilities, and so I knew this would be my type of book.
Opening up, some basic information about this era in humanity’s destiny is explained. The need to flee earth after it became unlivable, colonizing Mars,and some of the history after that. I like this explanation. It wasn’t so overly technical that I couldn’t understand it or that it bored me. It was just enough to give a basic understanding of the world.
As we’re introduced to the characters, some of their faults became immediately evident. Seth is hotheaded and immature. Hatred of Mars can blind him. He’s fiercely overprotective and stubborn. Chloe has a softer nature and clearly loves Seth. Unlike him, she tries to release her anger and hatred, wanting to move on with life.
Gwen is nice, but clearly in love with Seth and friends with Chloe. Something of a princess of Mars, it’s revealed she was banished to the colony of Lunara which is apparently close to earth and is in charge of stopping more meteors from striking it. She also clearly has daddy issues.
Eamonn is interesting since he’s the captain of the main ship they use for mining meteors, the Protector, and has guilt for leaving the woman he loved behind on Mars.
Ty and Jan are a married couple, something like parental figures for Seth and Chloe, since Ty is in charge of Lunara.
Parker is apparently a bit of a technical genius and fiercely devoted to Seth and Chloe.
Right off, the drama begins as the mysterious Mars Medical group is so interested in Seth and Chloe that they send their top scientist to conduct a physical. The two manage to avoid it because of a mission to stop a meteor. On their attempt to return to Lunara, they find the base taken over and are forced to return to Mars.
The return to Mars makes things interesting because of the conflict that rises among the crew. Seth’s hatred blinds him to any virtues, Gwen declares her love, Chloe begins to pull away from Seth, and everyone becomes distracted by their own problems. But when things don’t add up on Mars, the crew comes together to find out the truth. And the conspiracy that is revealed is quite a radical twist that left me wanting to read more.
The two colonies of Mars have been at peace, but the leader of one desires to become leader of all and has become quite obsessed. As he seizes control of the planet and imprisons Seth and Chloe, the crew teams up with a delegate from the other kingdom to take back Lunara, their home. Seth and Chloe are freed by Gwen and manage to escape.
I was especially pleased reading the battle scenes. They were wonderfully detailed and I felt like I could totally picture this. My only slight problem with this is that at points, things were too technical for me personally. But overall this was a great story and I will continue to read the rest of the series.

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