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This Book is Giving Me Fits!!!!

Almost at the end of Odele’s book, getting ready to type it up, and I still can’t come up with a title. This is driving me insane. There’s a lot going on in this book. The key goal was to get Apollo and Odele together. Great, easy stuff. Hard part, every other character threw a wrench my way. Brandon found his soulmate way too early, and I thought he’d fight it forever, right? Yeah, no, he decided to cave just before the biggest fight of his life. Then, I thought Typhon wouldn’t show up til next book. Guess what? Wrong again. Typhon ambushes Brandon,  much to my chagrin and frustration, starting the battle of epic proportions and proving just why he’s the only entity to even temporarily best Zeus. As for Demun, we get a hint at his soul mate, but alas, the guy doesn’t reappear yet. Oh now, we just get an earth shattering battle, a lot of stalling from Odele (more than i expected) and surprisingly, there has been no sex.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except the first two books had one steamy scene apiece. It’s kinda expected. This book won’t have one, at least as far as I can tell. Feels a little strange to me but I’ll chalk it up to Odele being all extra private about herself or something. There was almost one with Brandon and…..well, let’s not spoil that part. But it almost happened when he discovered his soul mate. That dragon bonding thing came on and…let’s also say i would have been quite excited to read it. But alas, it’ll have to come later.

I feel I should give some info on the new series, the Chosen of Hecate. I’m quite excited with this series. I haven’t put pen to paper yet, because it occurs after Odele’s book. I suppose it’ll intersect with the main Dragon Hunters series at times. I’ve been let in on the goal of Hecate’s chosen warriors. If you read the preview in the guidebook, you know that the first chosen is named Vax, and he’s charged with finding and obtaining Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir, in order to begin assembling Hecate’s forces. Well, Hecate’s forces are meant to help take down Lucifer the only way possible, brining in his master to finally put an end to him. Who’s his master? Well honestly you should know if you read the first two books. Just think about who his parents are and think of the current timeline and it will come to you. To make it easier, in case you read the second book and you’re wondering, the gods are unable to enter the mortal realm anymore due to Lucifer’s takeover. That’s the catch for the series. I can’t wait for the inevitable clash with Lucifer. It’s going to be exciting.

Then again, this first fight with Typhon has been exciting for me as I’m writing it. And I haven’t even gotten to Zeus and Cronus yet. Three big clashes that I’m clamoring for, and I’m the writer. But as you’ve probably figured out, the characters take their time with giving me what i want. And with that, I guess it’s time for me to get back to work. Seriously though, the title thing, getting on my nerves. I need a title. Really gonna have to have a discussion with Odele on this one.

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