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Series Progress

Alright, so I haven’t blogged about writing in a while. I felt it was time to post some updates.

First off, let’s talk sales. I’m making some progress on those. I’m always appreciative of every single buy or every free download on my promotion days. However, I have elected not to keep my books in KDP after their 90 day periods. While it’s nice to do the free promotions, I’m hoping that’s long enough. Besides, I want to at the very least offer the books on Nook again. As it stands, only the Dragon Hunter’s Guide has been made available on it. I may in time find ways to put them on other formats. The only free way to do it is Smashwords, and frankly, they nitpick too much at the files for my liking. I don’t want to have to spend just as much time reformatting a book as I did writing it, or more. Perhaps if I develop more patience, I’ll do something more. For now, I’m fine with where the books are on the main two ebook formats. Besides, I think Sony at least will eventually do away with their ebook program. Kinda sucks, and their customer service blows. Royally.

Anyway, on to the actual writing. Book three is moving much faster than the others, but it causes me the most difficulty because I can’t seem to figure out a title for it. It’s seriously giviing me fits at this point. The first two books the title popped into my head automatically. But this one is going to give me hell until the day I publish it I think. Which frankly I need to get a move on since I have most of the book handwritten already. The book has also thrown several surprises my way. I simply assumed that Zeus would be first and only to take on Cronus and Jarel the first and only to take on Typhon. Yeah, my characters don’t like doing what I thought they would. Jarel doesn’t get first crack at Typhon, which shocked me. But it makes sense. Why immediately go for the strongest when you can go for those you perceive to be weaker to gain more territory and maybe strengthen your forces? And Typhon is such a fun villain to use because he was so much larger than life in the myths and so undeniably powerful. That entity will most definitely cause nothing but problems until the end. Even Jarel won’t have an easy time with him. That makes this so much more interesting. Seeing Jarel finally go all out in a fight is exciting to me as the author. I hope I can say the same for the readers.

In other writing related news, Journeys got another chapter added to it finally. I hate that book. Not the storyline, or the characters necessarily. I hate writing it. It is hard as hell to get out because there is a lot of me in it, more so than in any other book or any other character. Pointing out my own flaws is hard as hell and sucks donkey donk. But it’s coming along.

Also, the website is currently down. This is just temporary, as I’m switching from Vistaprint to Wix. Vistaprint costs too much money for me not to be able to do simple things like embed stuff in the HTML. Wix let me do that on the free version. I have no problem paying a bit extra so that I can track the number of hits I get each day and keep my same domain name. I like the look better too. It’s easier on my eyes.

Next, I’m debating on ways to bring in more reviews. Maybe do some review to review things where I gift someone the kindle version of mine and they do the same for me for theirs. Or something along those lines. Hell, I buy enough books, some of these folks might just be nice enough to buy mine after I’ve reviewed theirs. Which I will continue doing in my blogs and on amazon or wherever I got the book from, and maybe even on goodreads for the books I find on there. I don’t know, I’m mostly brainstorming. I notice reviews help me decide on buying some books from indie authors. I would hope some more reviews would draw more attention to mine. Might help if other people that I know have bought the books would go review them. But I’ll just keep working as always. I seem to be getting a lot of followers that are authors or bloggers that interview or in other ways help authors out. Let’s see if any of those pay off.

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