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Sea Siren by Consuelo Vazquez

To be honest, the title is what drew me to this book. And the description of mermaids made me think this would be more my style, a fantasy novel. Turns out, it wasn’t fantasy. But that doesn’t really hurt the book or make the title less fitting.

We have Tino, a fisherman, meeting kiki, a woman who has just opened a restaurant with her family. Both have Hispanic roots, and both have a complex past. Kiki was in an emotionally abusive marriage. Tino was stood up at the altar. Both have some security issues. Neither are looking for a relationship, but have an immediate attraction to each other. It helps that when they first meet, Kiki is in a mermaid costume. Tino has grown up with a fisherman father who tells tales of mermaids, and they seem to be a bit of a fantasy for him, so Kiki is a fantasy come true.

There relationship blooms somewhat slowly. Starting with an unplanned date and conversation that draws the two closer. Then they plan dates and gradually wear down each other’s defenses as they get to know each other. And just when all seems to be going well, mother nature throws the first real test in the relationship, causing Tino to get lost at sea and Kiki gets to see what being a fisherman’s wife will be like as she worries about him.

Very nice story, not a bad read at all. Not all consuming, and there are a few very minor typos but that happens and they don’t take away from the story at all.

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