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The Storm by Ty Johnston

So I got this book during a free promotion. It sounded interesting so I thought I’d try reading it. The opening was just interesting enough for me to continue on, with the emergence of Mortura, the villain apparent of this story. Then came the first chapter.

At first, I thought maybe the book jumped around too much. It went from the main character Billy, to Lewis, a man that had recently suffered a heart attack and his wife april, to Sam the store owner to Jordy to special person and his mother abigail. Billy makes a slip up at school showing off his telekinetic powers in front of the school blabbermouth and Lewis hears a strange voice telling him to protect the boy inside his head. Jordy eventually hears the same voice and Sam has a run in with the town’s teenage delinquents. Still, it takes quite a while for any real point to be made, but I stuck with it. I had a feeling that it was building to something interesting.

The introduction of Vick into the story, an assassin that gets killed and is brought back by mortura, makes things more interesting. He’s a guy that seriously loves his job, killing. A bit strange, but alright. Back into the main character’s story, he runs into an issue when the town delinquents hear what he can do and decide they want him to do for them.

about half way into the book, it starts to get really interesting. People start rising from the grave, and a lot of major characters die. Billy loses more than most, perhaps. Zombies attack, and Mortura and Vick come into town to make a play for billy. Apparently Mortura wants Billy’s powers for himself. Finally, there’s one last stand after a heaping load of tragedy and zombie shooting, where Billy triumphs over Mortura with help from three strange beings that may be angels or gods.

Not a bad read overall. I was slightly confused as to why Mortura needed Billy’s powers when he can raise the dead and is immortal himself. But still, not a bad read. Worth getting during the free promotion, or even at the regular price.

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