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RAW 1000 (Wrestling)

Yeah, since I have a broad range of tastes, and this is a big night in wrestling history, I figured I’d blog all my thoughts as they come to me. New start time, now a three hour show, so let’s start from the beginning

I liked the opening video. Nice blend of old school and new. And a few laughable moments too.

Vince Mcmahon to open the show (could have sworn for the past few weeks they told us DX was going to open the show)…..oh wait, here they come. Why the hell is Vince Mcmahon introducing them? Give me some continuity here. Ah whatever. First out are the two originals, missing Chyna because sadly she chose to do porn. After a bit of comedy, we get the rest, Xpac and the new age outlaws. Which made me quite happy. After some banter and an amusing playful argument over who would do the second half of the catchphrase, out comes Damien Sandow. Not who i expected to interrupt but he did his part i.e eating a superkick from shawn and a pedigree from HHH. Amusing, not over the top amusing like their 90s antics but amusing nonetheless.

After the break, we get the return of good ol’ JR (please make michael cole shut the hell up for the rest of the show, or at least not be as much of a douche). And Rey Mysterio out for the first match. And teaming with Sin Cara? There’s a shock. And sheamus rounds out the three man team. Against Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio. So, i question the point of this match. Two teammates can’t stand each other at the moment. Could be predictable with Y2J turning n Ziggler to cause him to be pinned by the babyface team. Or they could brawl and leave del rio to get his head kicked off. Or they could work together to win. Which of the three shall happen…..apparently Ziggler turned first, causing Jericho to lose the match for their team. Not a horrible match, but not particularly memorable

Wait, where in the hell is JR? Why did he come out to call a total crap match? If he was going to come call one match, couldn’t we have gotten him for the main event? Ugh, and now this stupid tout crap, which I hope dies quickly. And more hype for this wedding thing that honestly better be a fail segment. If anything, I should see someone get clocked, planted, set on fire, chokeslammed, something.

Ok, backstage segment. Layla, the Divas Champion, talking with AJ, the most over female on the roster currently. An appearance by jim duggan, r truth and roddy piper, and then Mae young and her son (a guy dressed in a hand costume). PAUSE!!!! What the hell? WWE is still acknowledging the fail storyline where Mark Henry had a baby with Mae Young and it was a hand? I know I asked for continuity but wow.

Oh dear god it’s another Brodus clay match, this time against jack swagger. The best thing about him are the two chicks that come out with him. They’re hot and I can totally deal with watching them dance. OK, now it became more win. Dude Love is back in Brodus Clay’s corner. Oh wow the match is over. Who cares? We knew Brodus would win. Now Dude love dancing with Brodus and Swagger gets the mandible claw with the tie dye sock. Followed by a chuckle worthy segment with Triple H and Trish, a flashback to the segment where Triple H was showing Trish moves back in the day and had her bent over when Stephanie walked in. However, Stephanie didn’t walk in on this one and Trish wasn’t bent over, Triple H was. DX did. Still worth a chuckle. A lot of back door references and a weird moment with Trish and X Pac

Oh and now we’re to the wedding. sadly, no one has crashed it yet. I always hate these segments. Best one was Kane and Lita, only because Kane chokeslammed the crap out of Matt Hardy. Anyway, back to this crap. Apparently AJ is not going through with the wedding. And AJ is the new general manager of Raw. Hope she still gets ring time. Either way, I can live with that. It was totally unexpected for Vince to interrupt the wedding and make AJ the new GM, but I like less predictable

Back from commercial and Daniel Bryan hasn’t left the ring. He’s screaming, No, No, No! and out comes CM Punk. Rubs it in. Daniel says he greatest of all time and for some reason Dwayne (The Rock but hell he’s not the same so let’s use the right name) comes out and not Austin. FML. Some random crap and Dwayne has a title shot at the Royal Rumble. Rock Bottom to Bryan and it’s over, thankfully

Bret Hart is out next. and now the IC title, Christian against the Miz. And FML again the Miz won.

and now triple h is out to call out lesnar. here comes stephanie and OMG does she look great. Some barbs are thrown, and Triple H gets his match at summerslam. And a brawl with lesnar which triple h comes out on top.

now some useless filler with videogame crap and a flashback. God i hope they find more to do with this new three hour RAW. and now something with santino. and heath slater. and LITA!!!!!!!!!!! LITA TOOK THE CHALLENGE. And with a bit of help from the APA and the legends, she nails a twist of fate and a moonsault to get the win over slater.

another few segements i don’t care about. Dwayne and Cena backstage segment.

THE BROTHER’S OF DESTRUCTION REUNITE! Cleaning house on a bunch of folks I don’t care about. I was definitely pleased with this. I could have turned the channel and been happy with this alone. All my favorites have shown up. Lita, Trish, Bret, Shawn, Kane and the Undertaker. I’m pretty ecstatic. But there’s still the main event to go. Cena vs Punk for the WWE title. I’m predicting Big Show interferes and Punk retains to set up a triple threat at Summerslam, or a four way with daniel bryan.

the main event turned out different than i thought. slower match, and interference from the big show after a ref bump. punk tries really late to capitalize, cena kicks out. cena counters to the go 2 sleep into the STF. Big show breaks it up for the DQ and mauls Cena. Dwayne comes out and takes out the big show. Then cena takes Dwayne out with a clothesline and a go 2 sleep. I for one, was happy with that. The crowd not so much. For me, this was a solid show all the way through. The vignettes in some cases were worthless but overall, this is the best raw i’ve seen in ages. I marked so hard for Lita and the Undertaker. This is to be expected. I’m a mark for them. Now I can finally go to sleep

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