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Recent reading: The Dark Path by Luke Romyn

There are times that a book is impossible to read. I once spent three years reading a single Dean Koontz book. Sorry if you’re a fan but the man drones on unnecessarily to me. When I say it took three years to read it, I mean that literally. It took from my sophomore year of high school to my freshman year of college to finish it. It was just so boring. But then there are other books, like the Dark Path by Luke Romyn.

The author and I follow each other on twitter, which I assume was purely by chance. So when he promoted this book, I decided to read it, to see what his work was about. I was quite pleased with the result.

This story centers around a man calling himself Vain, who is essentially the most deadly assassin around. He can get into any compound undetected and gets any information out of a target he needs before killing them. He has no mercy and no morals. As long as he’s paid it doesn’t matter who he kills. Contrary to what one would think of a highly sought after and well paid assassin, he doesn’t live some glamorous life in a private mansion. He lives like a poor person really, since he lives only for the kill. Immediately I began to wonder why this man is the way he is, and it was explained in due time.

Vain was formerly a man named Martin, who had lost his family in brutal fashion. In his grief, he created a new persona, Vain, who lived only for himself and for death. He sought revenge on those responsible for the death of his family, but he was simply Vain. No longer was he the man he had been before.

So then there came the twist. Sought out by a man called Priest, he’s thrust into a world some would have thought impossible. The most unlikely of men chosen to be a guardian to a boy named Sebastian, guarding him from the dark forces that need his blood in order to bring a fallen angel into the world, therein destroying it. While Vain retains most of his ruthless nature, he has just enough humanity inserted in him to be the hero. But then there is the twist in the epilogue, where after doing loads of good for the world, Sebastian suddenly disappears, apparently kidnapped.

This was an enjoyable read for me, one that I simply didn’t want to put down until I was done. And as such I will check out other writings from the author in the near future. Until then, back to my own writing

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