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First For the New Blog

I have a blog on my writer’s cafe page, but I decided to try this. This blog may be fairly short. It’s a bit late and I don’t have much to update folks on.

My books seem to be selling well. I did a free promotion and didn’t do any advertising over the weekend. Both books did fairly well and I’ve made a few sales since the promotion. I’m just about finished with the guidebook on the series and ready for it to be edited. I have a slight nagging feeling that more needs to be added to the guidebook. I’m not really sure what to add though.

I have decided to try something new, which is why I made this blog instead of keeping the old one. I want to see how well having guest bloggers and writing as a guest blogger works out. Never done it before but I’m willing to give it a shot. Now I’m off to look into it more in depth

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